Nonprofit Strategic Restructuring Initiative

Strategic restructuring is the establishment of an ongoing relationship between two or more independent organizations to increase administrative efficiency and/or further programmatic missions through shared, transferred, or combined services, resources, or programs. The results can range from jointly managed programs and consolidated administrative functions to full-scale mergers. The benefits can include reductions in duplicated services, improved efficiencies, and increased financial stability.  Learn more about strategic restructuring by visiting the Resources section of this site to find links to websites and articles on nonprofit alliances and mergers.

The Dyson Foundation’s Nonprofit Strategic Restructuring Initiative provides funding to help organizations through this process.  Grants are made in the following four categories: Preliminary Exploration, Planning, Implementation, and Post Restructuring Support.

To be eligible for funding, one or more of the collaborating organizations must be a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, a library or unit of government based in the Mid-Hudson Valley (Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, and Ulster counties). Funding from the Strategic Restructuring Initiative is not available for individuals or private/independent schools. Faith-based organizations and churches interested in submitting requests for funding through this initiative should see Funding Restrictions for Faith-based Organizations.

Program Details
The Nonprofit Strategic Restructuring Initiative was designed as staged process to help an organization move from the exploring the feasibility of strategic restructuring, to planning the restructuring and implementing the plan, to enhancing the restructured entity.  Applicants are not required to go through each funding stage, but we will not fund stages out of sequence. For example, we will not fund an applicant for implementation and then consider a proposal for the preliminary exploration stage.

Eligible organizations may apply for any one or more of the four Strategic Restructuring Initiative's funding areas. However, the Foundation will not consider more than one request from an applicant (a single organization, or a collaborative) at the same time.

Preliminary Exploration grants can be submitted by a single organization; however, Planning and Implementation grants must be submitted as a collaborative effort by two or more organizations. Organizations are eligible to apply for Post Restructuring Support grants if they have undergone a formal strategic restructuring process within the last 12 months.

Applications will be reviewed on an on-going basis. Grants will be awarded based on a competitive review of the applications.

The Dyson Foundation particularly encourages applications from organizations that:

  • are in transition (e.g., significant growth, changes in staff or board leadership, reorganization, reduction in funding or other similar circumstances);
  • are experiencing economic difficulties due to the economic crisis;
  • are local chapters or affiliates of larger national or state-wide organizations;
  • exist in a community where one or more organizations are providing the same or similar services;
  • have undergone a strategic restructuring process within the last 12 months, (established jointly managed program with another nonprofit organization or, consolidated administrative function or completed a full merger.
Application Procedure
First, review our How to Apply page for general application guidance.  Then, review all of the Strategic Restructuring Initiative information and determine which of the four stages you wish to apply for.  Follow the instructions for using our Grants Portal to submit a letter of inquiry for Strategic Restructuring Initiative funding.